About us

In 2017, after nearly two decades in London, we decided to move back to Italy, away from the metropolis to find a calmer, more tranquil life to bring up our daughter Alice. That was when the idea behind La casa di Alice B&B was born.


Apart from our years in London we spent three years traveling and volunteering in South East Asia and Peru (the first sign that the big city was no longer for us). We spent several months teaching English in Thailand and Vietnam and thanks to us there are hundreds of rural Thai and Vietnamese children speaking English with an Italian accent!

We then travelled to Peru where we lived in a rural Andean village helping the locals with various projects as well as teaching English. Through our many adventures we came to realize that travel is an experience that can profoundly change your life.


Having travelled in many places and finding ourselves in foreign lands looking for what to do and where to spend the night, we have a first hand experience of the difficulties that can be experienced when going abroad.


We want to make your holiday as easy and enjoyable as possible, so do not be embarrassed to ask for anything, from wanting to know what events are around at the time of your visit, to where to go, or what to eat, to what kind of nappies and formula are available in Italy! We are here to help.


Looking forward to meeting you


Caterina, Stefano & Alice

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